• Dual mode machining: Shuttle mode and Tandem mode
  • Extremely high productivity and efficiency ensured by part loading/unloading in masked time thanks to shuttle mode machining
  • Maximum structural rigidity under conditions of maximum use of motor spindle power and torque.
  • High accuracy ensured by temperature differential control through the conditioning circuit and by temperature drifts compensation thanks to temperature probes connected to the CNC


Food processing Food processing
Medical Medical
General engineering General engineering
Moulds & Dies Moulds & Dies
Aero structures Al-CFRP-Ti Aero structures Al-CFRP-Ti
Space & Defence Space & Defence
Car body & Design Car body & Design
Moulds & Dies Auto Moulds & Dies Auto

An innovative range at the forefront of technology: flexible automation, productivity, accuracy in a single solution

Sigma TANDEM family of vertical machining centres with mobile tables is characterised by its dual mode of operation: Shuttle mode, with independent tables, and Tandem mode, with joined tables.

It consists of two models, depending on the number of simultaneous axes controlled: Sigma TANDEM 5, equipped with a rotary table built-in one of the two flat tables, and Sigma TANDEM 6, equipped with two built-in rotary tables.

Shuttle mode allows the tables to move independently along X axis and defines three operating stations, a central machining station, one on the right and one on the left for part loading/unloading. At the end of each cycle, the pallet on which the machined part is located is transferred to the loading/unloading station, while the pallet with the raw part reaches the machining station. This ensures high efficiency and productivity, as all preparatory activities can be carried out in masked time.

The same machine can be used with joined tables - Tandem mode - to machine large components. It is possible to switch from one mode to the other in a few seconds with an automatic CNC control.

This dual mode of operation of Sigma TANDEM series ensures high productivity in the machining of small, medium, and large series in various application areas such as automotive, precision engineering and mould and die.


Technical features

  • X-Axis 2100 mm - Tandem mode
  • X-Axis 2x1500 mm - Shuttle mode
  • Y-Axis 700 mm
  • Z-Axis 950 mm
  • Axis speed up to 50 m/min

  • Tilting head - B axis - and rotary table - C axis - with excellent performance in terms of feed-rate and acceleration thanks to torque motors
  • Motor spindle driven by a synchronous motor providing a rotation speed of 12000 rpm
  • Optional motor spindle with 18000 rpm

  • Tool magazine with 48 or 60 positions
  • Sigma Tool Check - control panel with direct interface to NC, for tool call and loading/unloading operations in masked time
  • Tool pre-setting unit
  • Workpiece measuring probe
  • Cooling systems
  • Rotoclear
  • Kit Industry 4.0