• Turning and milling rotary table with high load capacity
  • Optimised productivity through combined milling and turning modes
  • Maximum rigidity and compactness, excellent dynamics
  • Minimum foundations required, extremely low installation time and costs


Food processing Food processing
Medical Medical
Semiconductor industry Semiconductor industry
General engineering General engineering
Energy Energy
Earth transport Earth transport
Sea transport Sea transport
Moulds & Dies Moulds & Dies
Aero structures Al-CFRP-Ti Aero structures Al-CFRP-Ti
Aero engines Aero engines
Space & Defence Space & Defence
Car body & Design Car body & Design
Moulds & Dies Auto Moulds & Dies Auto

Multitasking machining on complex components in precision general engineering applications

Sachman FRAZER MILLTURN is a medium-size universal horizontal milling machine with moving column for 3/4/5-axis multitasking machining. Equipped with a rotary table for milling and turning operations, FRAZER MILLTURN simplifies production planning by reducing the number of fixtures, tools and set-ups and ensures maximum productivity by limiting idle times.

It is available in two versions: FRAZER BOX, completely enclosed, with a longitudinal stroke ranging from 3 to 5 metres and FRAZER OPEN, with perimeter fence and longitudinal travels of up to 30 metres.

The wide range of configurations available for FRAZER ensure a considerable high degree of application flexibility and allow to cut hourly and operating costs making it the perfect proposal for end-users looking for cutting-edge technology at competitive costs.


Technical features


  • Longitudinal X-Axis 3000-4000-5000 mm
  • Vertical Y-Axis 1500-2000 mm
  • Transversal Z-Axis 1100 mm
  • Turning-milling rotary table dia. 1000 mm, built in the fixed table
  • Speed up to 35 m/min


  • Longitudinal X-Axis 4000-6000-7000 mm +Δ 1500 mm
  • Vertical Y-Axis 1500-2000-2500 mm
  • Transversal Z-Axis 1100-1300 mm
  • Turning-milling rotary table dia. 1000-2000 mm, in both fixed and rototranslating versions
  • Speed up to 35 m/min

  • Universal milling head with continuous positioning and torque motors - 8000 rpm max. rotation speed - assuring high positioning speed and accuracy

  • Wide range of tool magazines available:
    • Disk-type with mechanical hand 24 or 30 positions
    • Horizontal floor-mounted chain-type 40 or 60 positions
    • Vertical chain-type, mounted on column, 40 or 60 positions (for OPEN version only)
  • Tool cooling systems external and/or through tool and chip evacuation systems
  • Tool measuring and probing systems