Speeder: high-speed milling centre with mobile gantry

Speeder: high-speed milling centre with mobile gantry
Speeder: high-speed milling centre with mobile gantry

Speeder is the new family of mobile gantry milling centres designed to satisfy the multiple demands for machining composite materials for the automotive and aeronautical fields.
The family of Speeder milling centres consists of two basic models with very similar architecture that differ in terms of power (up to 22 kW) and speed (up to 60 m/min) and that can be used in a variety of configurations based on the customer’s needs.
When developing Speeder, Jobs paid lots of attention to two aspects: ensure very competitive operating costs and extremely simply maintenance, and adopt technical solutions with attention to the eco-design and energy savings.

The main features of Speeder are:

  • medium-large size overhead gantry structure with specific construction and functional solutions for machining composite materials
  • high stiffness of the crossbeam/saddle/ram unit
  • first-class dynamics: up to 60 m/min speed and 5 m/s² acceleration
  • large working volumes: longitudinal X-axis with modularly variable size based on the customer’s needs, transversal Y-axis up to 5000 mm, vertical Z-axis up to 2500 mm
  • newly designed 5-axis twist heads: fork structure for high accuracy and stiffness, with integrated electrospindles (torque motors up to 20/22 kW and 24000 rpm)
  • mechanical head with “single-shoulder” morphology with spindle connection in lateral position (up to 20 kW) for high accessibility to the workpiece
  • highly efficient suction system integrated in the heads featuring a mobile hood with programmable movement. The solution adopted allows the hood to be moved independently from the longitudinal movement of the tool
  • wet machining with waste sludge treatment system
  • dry machining with efficient Jobs patented suction system of the latest generation that can manage both single materials as well as combined materials (metal/composite)
  • wide range of accessories (tool chain magazines for 20, 40 or more tools with a chain exchange system with direct access, with an exchange arm or, even, with permanent magazine with exchange robots, production control devices, etc.).
  • full enclosure guaranteeing - at the same time - excellent accessibility and operator safety.

Speeder can be equipped with custom palletization systems and can also integrate CompofleX, the universal flexible tooling system developed by Jobs that allows the reference and clamping of composite parts.